Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are fast becoming a go to source for small businesses looking for expert help at half the cost they would normally pay for having an employee in the office.

Now say that you are a small business owner and your plate is full and I mean leaking out the gills full. The more you tackle your to do list, the more it seems to grow. Impossible right? No. Very possible.

It’s understandable that as the owner of your business, you think that you are expected to handle and excel at everything. Why? Because you’re an entrepreneur, that’s what entrepreneurs do! No. Entrepreneurs know when it’s time to call in back up. Time to bring an expert on board that can help you manage your business tasks in the time it takes to ease the kids out of the home office and double lock the door. This expert help can give you more time to yourself to quietly think about the ways you could be growing and bringing in more business.

Before you can actually start looking for a Virtual Assistant, determine what tasks you would like your Virtual Assistant to take over and what type of virtual assistant you would need.  So for example, you need someone to manage your social media accounts and posts, there’s a VA for that. Or maybe you need help managing the financial side of your business, there’s a VA for that. Maybe you need someone to help with branding and marketing, yep, you guessed it, there’s a VA for that.

Sounds like a plan, but how? How do you find a professional, reliable, honest and hardworking expert virtual assistant. Below are a few great places to look:

  1. Facebook: You have an account there anyway. There are plenty of groups such as Virtual Assistant Clinic that are teeming with virtual assistants ready to work.
  2.  Indeed: This website is personally my favorite and the favorite of a lot of other virtual assistants as well.
  3. Linkedin Ideal, especially if you’re looking for local virtual assistants

What Next? 

You’re guess is as good as mine! No, just kidding. now that you know what you’re looking for, put it out there. Take time to review the proposals that you receive. Things to consider would be the amount of experience, presentation, rates, references and whether they can get the work done, in the time frame that you need.

It’s also pretty important to start small. Have a paid trial period, with tests so you can gauge how quick your VA can complete the tasks you need, how reliable they are, and whether are not they are actually saving you time. Two weeks is enough time for you to test the waters out with your VA.

In all the investing in VA can be one of the best things that you can do for your business. After the initial testing, training and setting up, you’d be left wondering how you ever existed without one.

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